Haunted lovers?

When a relationship dies, do we ever really give up the ghost or are we forever haunted by the spirits of relationships past? -Carrie Bradshaw

They say what ultimately defines us in a relationship are our previous relationships. Was your last relationship great? Was it horrible? Exactly what did YOU do that was so great? How did you fuck up? What did the last person in your previous relationship do that you liked? What did they do that you absolutely hated? We begin to have unrealistic expectations that some people can never live up to. We accuse the person of cheating just because the last person in your previous relationship was a slut that couldn’t keep their dick in their pants or a bitch that couldn’t keep her pussy zipped up. We miss certain things in our old relationships that we can’t find in our new relationships. You really do have to begin to think… It is OUR relationship. It’s not YOUR relationship. ’OUR’ is basically ‘YOUR’ without the Y. ‘Y’ exactly are you being selfish? If both sides can never really ‘bury’ their previous relationships, how can you expect to move on? I’m still having trouble burying my relationships. The furneral is all said and done. The gravesite is picked out. Then why can’t I just bury them and move on with my life? Why am I continuously comparing people to my previous relationships? Why am I treating my new relationships just like my old ones? Why do I make it seem like people in my new relationships fuck up the same way the people in my previous relationships fucked up? Why why why won’t I stop comparing them??? Even if we finally bury our previous relationships deep within our heart, do the ‘ghosts’ of relationships past forever haunt us? Does the haunting get so bad that we eventually go insane? I’m the type of person who is rarely single. I was in relationship after relationship. I finally took a year-long break and thought I was free of my ghosts. Right when I jump back into a relationship, the ghosts pop-up out of nowhere and begin to haunt me again. Will we ever be free of our previous relationships or do they define who we are? Do we want to be defined by previous relationships? Someone please call the Ghostbusters because this shit is pissing me off.


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